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Where it all began for Powerlace

Where it all began for Powerlace

Welcome to our website !

Our first transactional website has launched. We are very excited to finally be selling our shoes directly from our own website. Wishing you some happy scrolling!

Let’s have a look at our latest Kickstarter campaign! Here

Our self-lacing technology has come a long way since its first and second Kickstarter campaigns in 2014 and 2016. The Powerlace shoes of the P-One generation never saw the light of day. Both campaigns brought in many loyal fans that, to this day, have never stopped believing in us. We are ecstatic to finally be delivering Powerlace, self-lacing footwear around the world.

Our company experienced a turning point in 2020 when new partners joined the team, bringing their vision and expertise in the midst of a global pandemic to offer you a complete high-quality shoe equipped with the Powerlace revolutionary self-lacing system, made in Canada.

On July 19th, 2021 we launched our latest Kickstarter campaign, proving that giving up was never an option. As we asked you to back us on Kickstarter and bring our footwear revolution to life, your pledges fuelled us with motivation to keep pushing the limits. After several years of developing the world’s first bodyweight activated self-lacing shoe, and within a day of launching our third Kickstarter campaign, we fully funded our project. Within two weeks, we were 500% funded. It’s with a lot of appreciation towards our local media and fellow backers that we released our new stretch goal color, blue ocean leather. As we neared the end of our campaign, we had our very first meet and greet at our innovation center in St-Hubert, Quebec. We got to chat with several of our first brand ambassadors. This day was also the first time we had the public try on our new self-lacing, bodyweight activated shoe. What a day it was and what a journey our Kickstarter campaign was.

As we remain forever grateful and very proud of the succes our Kickstarter campaign has brought us, we are thrilled to be starting a new chapter. For some, this campaign will have been the right one. You’ve been following us since our very first campaign. For others, the discovery of Powerlace shoes has been a gift from heaven. You are the first ambassadors, users and owners of the great shoe revolution, Powerlace. We are convinced that you will love the feeling of freedom that Powerlace shoes provide just as much as we do – they are truly the most versatile, comfortable, durable and hassle-free shoes you will ever own.

What’s even better is that you get to be the first in the world to attest to it !