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VIP Special Edition

VIP Special Edition

We all have a special collection of something, somewhere around the house. Whether it be sports cards or vinyl records, holding onto some things is not uncommon. Powerlace offers a special VIP Edition. This collector’s pair is both for the shoe collectors and the tech fans that have been with us since day one. To us, it is a celebration of our first ever production run.

The VIP Edition is composed of the first 100 pairs to ever be produced. After many years of efforts, the Powerlace team finally hit the market with the first ever self-lacing shoe activated by bodyweight. Incredibly easy to use and no hands required, the shoe automatically adjusts to your foot as soon as you slip it on. Our shoe has a lever system on its heel for efficient and comfortable removal.  Durable and made to last, our shoes are made of premium quality materials only, spatial-grade reinforcement fiber and our self-lacing system that has been tested for years.

What makes the VIP Edition so special ?

Apart from the fact that each pair is one of the first 100 pairs to be produced in the world, each pair is signed by the inventor, Frederick Labbe. Each pair is numbered with a special tag certifying its authenticity. The tongue of each shoe is marked “FIRST 100 PAIRS”, a design aspect unique to only the VIP pairs. VIP pairs come in our All-Terrain model and our Urban model. There are currently 15 pairs sold. Many were sold through our pre order sales. The remaining 85 pairs are stocked and available for purchase at any time. This special VIP Edition will only be available once. Be a part of Powerlace history and claim your Powerlace collectors item. Depending on availability of the shoe, a purchase can be made by contacting our sales team by email at At this time, a pair is available in all sizes.