Step into Auto-Lacing Footwear

A truly hands-free innovation

Step into
Auto-Lacing Footwear

Free Your Hands

Put on your auto-lacing shoes and get ready for adventure with ease and comfort. No need to worry about laces, let our technology take care of everything to give you a perfect fit every time.

Amazing! I was looking for a slip on that didn't feel too tight or too loose. These adjust to each individual and is totally hands free. Michelson's shoe store in Lexington, MA carries these and it was the unicorn I did not know existed. Very happy with purchase!

I received my blue urban powerlace shoes in june this year, and I have worn them pretty much every day since. Best shoes ever. I need to get at least one more pair.

Shoelaces are a thing of the past

Step outside to conquer the day in our step-in shoes.


True style is effortless

Share your unique way of wearing Powerlace.

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