Do you offer wide sizes?

The width of our shoes is standard to wide (D-E). However, they can be broken in to fit a slightly wider foot, especially with our leather models. As of 2023, wider sizes will be available.

What are the shoes made of ?

Only the best materials! Powerlace shoe uppers are made of premium quality Nappa leather or durable engineered meshes depending on the style. Our soles are made of real vulcanized rubbers and our midsoles combine EVA and PU foam parts to maximize comfort and performance.

What can these shoes be used for?

Powerlace shoes were designed with all of your everyday activities in mind, from walking to work to running the trails and training at the gym.

What sizes are available?

We are currently only offering men’s sizes from 7 ½ to 13 (7 ½ – 8 – 8 ½ – 9 – 9 ½ – 10 – 10 ½ – 11 – 11 ½ – 12–13).
However, we will introduce all sizes as part of our full collection next year, which will include youth and women’s shoes.

Can I pay in multiple payments?

The option for split payments is available for all purchases made with Sezzle.

What colors are available?

Our Urban model comes in three leather colors (mountain brown, urban black, and all black). Our All-Terrain model comes in two mesh colors (gray and black). More color options are to come this year with our new collections.

Do you offer women’s shoes?

Not yet! However, we are planning on expanding the collection for women’s and kid’s this year. Everyone deserves to experience the Powerlace freedom. Our men’s collection is available for pre-order in men’s sizes 7.5 to 13 US.

How do I choose my shoe size?

Our shoes are true to size, comparable to all the other athletic shoes on the market. If you know what your US shoe size is, we recommend you choose the same size you normally get. We offer half sizes from 7.5 to 11.5, but if you are still between sizes, you can choose to size up for a more relaxed fit or size down for a tighter fit. If you are still unsure about your shoe size, please refer to our measuring guide available on our Maintenance & Fitting page.

Have the shoes been tested?

The technology has been fully tested for many years. It has been proven to withstand more than 10,000 tightening cycles, walking and running on different terrains, including extreme conditions.

Where is Powerlace based ?

We are based in the greater Montreal metropolitan area, in Quebec, Canada!

What happens if someone accidentally presses on the release lever on the back of the shoe while I am wearing it?

This situation will not cause any issues. In order to remove the shoe, the wearer needs to press on the back lever whilst pulling its foot upwards and outside the shoe simultaneously. Our shoe technology is 100% activated by your body weight, meaning you decide when you remove it or not.

Can my orthotic sole fit in the shoe?

Some orthotics can be adapted to Powerlace shoes with adjustments made by a professional. However, we do not recommend using your Powerlace shoes with rigid orthotics, as this may affect the self-lacing system as well as its warranty.

What happens if my laces break?

That’s highly unlikely to happen as our laces are made of Dyneema, an ultra-resistant fiber 15x stronger than steel. However, if you do get unlucky and need to change the laces, we will provide a video tutorial on how to change them.

Are they water-friendly?

Rain will not affect the durability of Powerlace shoes. However, it is not recommended to use them in water.

What is your shipping policy?

We offer free shipping all over Canada and the United States.

When will I receive my pair?

For all pre-orders, deliveries are expected as of May 2022.

How lightweight are the shoes?

The weight of the shoe is approximately 400g.

What's next for Powerlace?

We are expanding our men’s segment and working on the women and youth collections. Safety shoes and golf shoes are the next development projects for Powerlace.

What makes these shoes suitable for active people?

Focused on sport fit, comfort, efficiency, stability, Powerlace is designed for active people who want a versatile shoe for both work and leisure. Get in, Get outside.

How can I carry your shoes in my retail store?

For all business inquiries, please contact info@powerlace.com.

What is the warranty?

We offer a 1 year limited warranty on the auto-lacing system, applicable to the original purchaser.

What is your exchange policy?

For all information regarding our exchange policy please refer to our Returns & Warranty page.

What is your refund policy?

No refund is possible for all pre-orders on our website and our crowdfunding campaigns.