Powerlace at The Atlanta Shoe Show - February 19-21, 2021

We flew to Atlanta to introduce our men’s shoe line to our neighbors to the south. It’s always a pleasure to see the difference a Powerlace shoe can make for some and the fascination it awakens in others. We are proud of our product and the success of our shows. This is just the beginning!

Powerlace at the Chaucase tradeshow - February 1-3, 2022

ShowTime 👟! After the Northwest Shoe Travelers Show in Minnesota and the Michigan Shoe Show, we presented our first line of men’s shoes to retailers at the ChauCASE in Drummondville, Quebec!

Powerlace at the AOPQ & AQIPA Congress in Quebec - October 23-24, 2021

Powerlace attended its first trade show as an exhibitor. It was a pleasure to showcase the many efforts we have made to the attendees of the AOPQ and AQIPA Congress in Levis, Quebec. We met so many great people and are proud to be providing a solution when it comes to improving one’s quality of life. Great way to start off our booking season!

Powerlace at Mount Orford - Octobre 10, 2021

Trying on the first ever self-lacing shoes while enjoying the beautiful fall scenery of the Eastern Townships is just double the pleasure. Following the success of our summer events, what better than have a meet and greet at the foot of a Mount Orford to end our Meet and Greet season.  

Powerlace at Chaussures Fillion in Quebec City - September 11, 2021

Following our first meet and greet event, it was only fair to offer Quebec City the same opportunity. A sunny day in downtown Quebec and the collaboration of our fellow retailer, Chaussures Fillion, we’re a recipe for success. We were happy to see Powerlace on our clients feet for the second time in a few weeks. 

Meet & Greet Saint-Hubert - August 21, 2021

As the end of our Kickstarter campaign approached, we had the opportunity to meet some of our very first brand ambassadors. Our backers’ reactions, compliments, and joyful demeanor whilst trying on our self-lacing shoes left us with the biggest smiles on our faces. We definitely ended our Kickstarter campaign on a high!