About us


We are Powerlace, a Canadian company that has spent the last 10 years researching, developing and prototyping to transform an industry that dates back thousands of years. Our work is making shoe lacing a thing of the past with the first ever body weight activated Powerlace shoe. This revolutionary shoe is 100% powered by you and does not require the use of hands or electricity. Our vision is to be a dynamic leader in the footwear industry by constantly bringing new innovations inspired by biomechanics and natural body movements. Powerlace’s mission is to provide high quality, durable and comfortable self-lacing footwear that helps people become more efficient and stay active for a better quality of life. 



Our story began in 2013, the year Frédérick Labbé founded Powerlace. The project quickly turned into a life’s mission of commercializing the first body-weight activated self-lacing shoe. His unique invention was granted a patent in 2015, after which he began to build his talented team and opened a development center on the South Shore of Montreal. In 2021, Powerlace shoes hit the market with undeniable public enthusiasm and so much more to come in terms of new collection development.